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Home of Rocko's High end Arabic designs


Naoufal Alaoui, AKA Rocko uses very old and unique arabic scripts combined with western strokes to create a new style of calligraphy arts.

ROCKO was born in Morocco and lived in Granada, Andalucia, Spain where he was deeply touched by the incredible Islamic arts that the Arabs have left behind after 800 years of presence in Europe. In Granda precisely, the main cathedrale is a converted mosque with untouched Islamic arts in the inside.. You could see the details of quranic verses on the roofs and walls. It is just mind blowing!!!
Rocko speaks, reads, and writes Arabic, french, Spanish, and English for the fact that he lived in Morocco, Spain, and currently the US. And He has a strong connection to the art scene in New York City.

Rocko has always been a fan of calligraphy, and has an older brother who is also a calligraphy artist. He learned to write Arabic calligraphy since he was a kid back in Morocco using wooden pens!!
After going to college in the U.S, Rocko was encouraged by art professors to create an art that combines both western and eastern cultures. After doing a couple of abstract pieces, Rocko was impressed by the outcome and the number of admirers. Shortly after, Rocko started designing calligraphy for tattoos, logos, clothing lines, and wall arts.

Rocko was critcized by many Arabic calligraphers for breaking the rules of Arabic calligraphy measurements and mixing styles.
Rocko admits to breaking the rules of Arabic calligraphy to create a unique and one of a kind art that marks his journey throughout the eastern and western civilizations.

Lately, so many people have been interested in having Arabic tattoos for the fact that celebrities have raised the tattoo bar higher and brought something new to the tattoo industry. And also for the fact that Arabic calligraphy arts look amazing, and only one word could have so much meaning to it.
Rocko’s offer a variety of styles and scripts with accurate translations, which is totally impossible to make with English-Arabic softwares that are available online. The result of such software translations can cause a disastrous outcome in all aspects of the Arabic language.

ROCKO can translate any word or phrase from English to Arabic in a very special and beautiful Arabic design.